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Florida Department Of Law Enforcement: More Than 100,000 Incidents Of Domestic Violence Reported In 2012

In 2012, Florida Law Enforcement received more than 108,000 reports of domestic violence incidents statewide, ranging in severity from stalking to murder. This disturbing statistic highlights the prevalence of domestic violence across the state. In addition to law enforcement intervention, Florida law seeks to protect domestic violence victims through the issuance of restraining orders, known Read More

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Lakeland, Florida Man Indicted For Failing To Pay Child Support

Earlier this year, the state of Florida indicted 31-year-old Jaime L. Warrenburg  for failing to pay more than $23,000 in past due child support. Warrenburg is scheduled for a federal grand jury trial in late 2013, where, if convicted, he could face penalties as serious as a maximum of two years in prison, fines as Read More

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Legally Relocating With Your Child After Establishment Of A Parenting Plan

One of the key elements of a dissolution of marriage, or divorce, is the establishment of a parenting plan for all minor children of the marriage, including details on residence and time-sharing arrangements. In today’s tough economy, either parent may find it necessary to relocate for job opportunities, a new romantic relationship, or other reason. Read More

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The Rise Of The “Gray Divorce”

According to recent United States Census statistics, for the first time in the nation’s history, more Americans over the age of 50 are divorced than are widowed. Coined by sociologists as “gray divorces,” the trend appears to be increasing as the baby boomer generation lives longer. Despite divorce rates stabilizing nationwide in other age groups, Read More

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Lawrence  S.  Katz Attorney Photo
Lawrence S. Katz

For many years, Lawrence S. Katz has helped clients in Florida, throughout the United States and abroad. He has earned an excellent worldwide reputation for providing knowledgeable, quality representation in family law matters.

  • International Relocations

    IAML Fellow, Lawrence Katz of Florida, USA speaks at the IAML Hague Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2013 on the subject of International Relocations.

Client Reviews
  • "Attorney Katz has a keen sense for understanding the overall situation and immediately formulating an action plan. He is direct, succinct and effective. I highly recommend Attorney Katz for his experience, integrity and results!" - Vivian

  • "Mr. Katz is the best divorce lawyer in the Miami area. Very knowledgeable and experienced. We had a difficult case and he delivered impressive result. His assistant Fanny it is a great asset to that office as well." - Georgette

  • "My case was a complex one and Mr. Katz provided me with a course of action that led to a favorable outcome. He is clearly knowledgeable and experienced but he is also very prompt. He is always available to answer questions via email, Skype or phone. As an overseas client this was very important to me. I would definitely recommend Mr. Katz especially for international divorce and custody cases." - Anonymous

  • "I am extremely grateful to have had Larry represent me. In International Family Law I would say he has few, if any, equals." - Anonymous

  • "This divorce lawyer is excellent, charismatic, professional, and cares about the customer. I gave a case to him that it was impossible to solve, and he did solved the problem like it was very simple. He was always in touch and answering all my questions, either by phone or by email." - Manjit

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