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Shedding Light On Child Custody In Florida

According to the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Statistics, more than 28,000 dissolution of marriage, or divorce, proceedings took place in 2014 that affected minor children. Florida requires that arrangements be made for the care and financial support of all minor children of a marriage upon divorce. State law promotes a public policy […]

State Department: More Than 100 Pending International Child Abduction Cases Pending

According to a recent report released by the U.S. State Department, as of the end of 2012, more than 112 applications that had filed for the return of minor children abducted out of the United States remained open and active for a period of more than a year and a half. The report details the […]

Distribution Of Assets And Liabilities In Florida Dissolution Of Marriage Proceedings

One of the main issues that require resolution in a dissolution of marriage proceeding is the distribution of assets and liabilities among the spouses. Florida law requires that the distribution be done “equitably.” Couples may decide how to divide their property either by agreement or with the guidance of a court in dissolution of marriage […]

Marital Settlement Agreement: An Alternative To Protracted Divorce Proceedings

The terms “dissolution of marriage” or “divorce” are frequently associated with combative, adversarial proceedings in a courtroom. For those couples who are looking for an alternative, a marital settlement agreement may be just the solution. This agreement can be entered into by the spouses to divide marital assets and debts, determine childcare arrangements and settle […]

Florida Law Protects Employment Rights Of Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence victims all too frequently face a dilemma when contemplating taking legal action against their abuser — fearing that if they take time off of work to file an injunction, seek medical care, or get legal advice, they will lose their job. A Florida law that entered into effect in 2007 aims to remove […]

Will 2014 Bring Alimony Reform To Florida?

Following Governor Rick Scott’s veto of a comprehensive alimony reform bill in the spring of 2013, legislators and lobbyists are poised to press the reform anew in Florida’s 2014 legislative session. The vetoed legislation included provisions to end permanent alimony, limit awards in accordance with the spouse’s income and the duration of the marriage, as […]

Florida Department Of Law Enforcement: More Than 100,000 Incidents Of Domestic Violence Reported In 2012

In 2012, Florida Law Enforcement received more than 108,000 reports of domestic violence incidents statewide, ranging in severity from stalking to murder. This disturbing statistic highlights the prevalence of domestic violence across the state. In addition to law enforcement intervention, Florida law seeks to protect domestic violence victims through the issuance of restraining orders, known […]

Lakeland, Florida Man Indicted For Failing To Pay Child Support

Earlier this year, the state of Florida indicted 31-year-old Jaime L. Warrenburg  for failing to pay more than $23,000 in past due child support. Warrenburg is scheduled for a federal grand jury trial in late 2013, where, if convicted, he could face penalties as serious as a maximum of two years in prison, fines as […]

Attorney Lawrence Katz Helps Family Resolve Complex Hague Abduction Battle In A Case Of First Impression

Attorney Lawrence Katz has successfully resolved his client’s petition to return his children to Sweden in a complicated international family law matter. In accordance with the Hague Abduction Convention, the courts have allowed Andreas Carlwig to take his two minor children, who currently live with their mother Sarodjiny Carlwig in Los Angeles, back to Sweden […]

Legally Relocating With Your Child After Establishment Of A Parenting Plan

One of the key elements of a dissolution of marriage, or divorce, is the establishment of a parenting plan for all minor children of the marriage, including details on residence and time-sharing arrangements. In today’s tough economy, either parent may find it necessary to relocate for job opportunities, a new romantic relationship, or other reason. […]


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