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Standing up to parental alienation

The Law Offices of Lawrence S. Katz, P.A. provides knowledgeable legal guidance to parents who are being alienated from the love and affection of their children by the actions of the other parent. We understand that parents often get caught up in trying to win custody battles and can harbor a great deal of anger toward each other. Some parents seek revenge by saying negative things about the other parent in the children’s presence or doing things that alienate children from the other parent. We help put a stop to the alienation and minimize the devastating effect on your relationship with your children. We fight to win the opportunity to rebuild your parent-child relationships.

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation occurs when one parent purposefully denigrates the other parent in the child’s presence or encourages the child to disengage from the other parent. It is common and can include behaviors such as:

  • Badmouthing the other parent
  • Denying or interfering with time-sharing
  • Blaming the other parent
  • Using the children to spy on the other parent
  • Questioning the children about the other parent’s personal life and finances
  • Eavesdropping on telephone or FaceTime conversations between the children and the other parent
  • False allegations of sexual, physical or emotional abuse of the children

Parental alienation occurs when children are subjected to these brainwashing tactics and begin to withdraw from the other parent. These behaviors can negatively affect a parent’s time-sharing and often shatter the child’s relationships with other family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and half- or stepsiblings.

If you suspect that parental alienation is occurring in your family, you should act quickly to stop it. Select an attorney knowledgeable in recognizing parental alienation in Florida. Our family law attorney keeps up with the latest research and works with you during and after dissolution of marriage to protect you and your children from parental alienation.

How do I fight parental alienation?

There is disagreement among mental health professionals whether parental alienation syndrome actually exists. A child custody and time-sharing evaluation may be in the best interest of your child if the other parent is engaging in interference and alienating tactics against you and it negatively impacts the relationship with your child. Proving alienation or interference is part of an overall case strategy focused on determining what is in the best interest of the child. The legal guidance of an experienced lawyer helps parents evaluate their options and pursue the proper course of action. The Law Offices of Lawrence S. Katz has years of experience handling such cases in Florida and has access to an extensive network of mental health experts. We have the experience and knowledge to help you protect your relationship with your child.

Contact a parental alienation law firm in Miami

Parents and children have the right to a healthy, loving relationship. Whether you have been wrongfully accused of parental alienation or recognize the signs of parental alienation syndrome in your children, we can help. The Law Offices of Lawrence S. Katz, P.A. is committed to helping you fight to defend your relationship with your child. Contact us at 786-991-2629 or online to schedule a consultation. Se habla español.


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