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When couples divorce, the settlement agreements or judgments are based on the circumstances that existed at the time of the divorce. The also applies to paternity cases. As time passes, children grow and couples move on with their lives, and their needs change. If there has been a substantial, material and permanent change that was unanticipated, The Law Offices of Lawrence S. Katz, P.A. can help you modify your settlement agreement or divorce decree to fit your current circumstances. We can also assist with enforcement when your ex-spouse or parent in a paternity matter fails to abide by the terms of an agreement or court order.

Child support modification and enforcement

Child support can be modified based on a significant (permanent) change in circumstances, such as losing or changing jobs, children going to college or sudden major medical bills because of a child’s illness. We help you determine if your situation supports a modification.

We also assist with child support enforcement and contempt actions. If an obligor fails to pay child support, the judge may order fines, garnish wages or hold your ex-spouse in contempt of court. A contempt citation may include jail time. Our firm has extensive experience with modification and enforcement of child support orders, and we help you explore all available options to get the financial support your children need.

Parenting plan modification and enforcement

A party seeking a modification of a parenting plan must present evidence to show that there has been a substantial, material and permanent change that was unanticipated. A party must also show that the change serves the child’s best interest. Some situations that may necessitate a change in a parenting plan and time-sharing arrangement include:

  • Parental relocation
  • A parent being charged with abuse or neglect
  • Parent’s failure to exercise time-sharing
  • Needs of the children

When a court issues an order, the judge expects both parents to abide by it. A court order may be enforced by contempt or enforcement proceedings. If the other parent consistently violates or fails to comply with parenting plans, we can help. We work with the parties to resolve the issues through mediation, utilization of parent coordinators if possible, and file for enforcement or contempt if necessary.

Spousal support modification and enforcement

Alimony may be modified if authorized by law and there is a substantial, material and permanent change that was unanticipated in your financial situation. A substantial change in circumstances may include job loss, illness or disability, a significant increase or decrease in income, and child support modifications. If you have experienced a change in your circumstances requiring a modification in spousal support, our experienced family law attorney assists you in filing for modification or negotiating a new agreement. We fight for the maximum amount and duration of spousal support for you.

Call a Miami family law attorney who works for you

If your situation has changed since your divorce, a modification can protect you and fit your new circumstances. We can also help ensure compliance with spousal support awards. We’ve helped clients handle complex family law issues since 1968. Contact The Law Offices of Lawrence S. Katz, P.A. at 786-991-2629 or online to schedule a consultation and learn about your legal options. Our office is located near the Dadeland South Metrorail. Se habla español.


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